don’t say ‘yip yip yip’ say ‘RAAAAAWR!’

In the wake of my cat’s death last week, I’m clearly not at the top of my game. Between that and my switch in focus from building to actor hunting, posts here have slower down. Alas. So this is an older one I neglected to post sooner..


Bones has been talking a lot about designing a scare called a ‘Big Mouth.’ It’s a scare designed by my friends Cliff and Stu over at, and (what with my mad love of puppets) I really should have known about this lovely thing sooner.

I didn’t.


So now that the walls of the haunt are all painted, and our order of camo netting arrived, Bones could go ahead and create his critter. When our non-haunty-but-absolutely-awesome pal Heidi was here a few weeks ago, she suggested Bones try using a piece of anti-fatigue foam for the teeth of this beastie, and that worked pretty wonderfully. He built a basic mouth frame out of PVC and thin wood, took another of Ursula’s sheets to make a red mouth, and strung the monster up in its home next to my booger walls.

20130930-224722.jpg 20130930-224634.jpg

Camo netting is used to make the beast’s body – sorta – and to hide her until she attacks.


The plan is for her to RAWR a great big critter RAWR…but every time he attacks me with her, I just picture her yelling, “YIP YIP YIP!” like a puppy.


“No, it’s RAWR, dang it!!!”

But I’m pleased to say, even our Swamp Monster understands that little kids aren’t our target audience, so don’t scare them too much…



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