here be spiders

.So if that’s not your bag, baby, consider this your spoiler warning.

Bones had a vision of a corner of our haunt becoming a rather involved spider area. This would be the same area I had sponge painted a bunch of ‘booger walls.’

The open frame bit was to become a ‘web wall.’  There are three of them in total.  And then he wanted everything else covered in cheesecloth/creepy cloth/netting and spiders.  Lots of spiders.

The haunts I worked the longest for both had spider areas.  Grisly’s was a hallway, with a spider ‘victim’ suspended above the hall in a nest of cheesecloth and a family member, Anna Chria, as an inmate.  At the Castle, it was a booth that I was told to cover in large spiders..spiders so large I used to store them in the loft of the haunt’s storage barn, and carry around on my back because all those legs were a little too grabby otherwise.  Those spideys were made out of latex and fabric, and not meant to be outdoors for as long as they were, but I did sorta grow fond of them…big awkward disintegrating things that they were.

For our show, the main spider is a foam sculpt prop that had been a gift from a haunter friend years ago.  We’ve no idea what company made it, originally, but it’s a great dang sculpt, and I wish we had a dozen more.  The years have not been super kind to the critter, and I became obsessed with the idea of giving new life to this beastie.

He was built in such a way that you sorta hinged his legs together and then slipped the peg ends into the body of the spider.  I tried doing this…and as soon as I lifted the spider, legs fell and broke.  😦


This pic shows the parts that are supposed to go together, the original colour and chipped-up state of Spidey, and some of the breaks I was trying to fix.  (I am becoming a friggin’ wizard with hot glue, y’all.)   After assessing  how much paint had chipped away from the critter over the years, I decided to just give him a complete paint job.  Which was a little nerve wracking, because it felt like a huge ol’ assumption of power, but…Bones generally lets me go obsess about whatever it is I want to do in the haunt.

This was also the job that I got really wrong. When I glued the legs together, I did so as the pic above suggests:  there’s a clear pattern to tab A/slot B.  But once all the legs were glued together, Bones pointed out that you get a much creepier look if you basically attach them upside down.  I was overtired. And frustrated.  And I cried.

But I went back the next day, snapped the legs apart, reglued them, reinforced the legs’ connection to the body with drywall screws, repainted the repairs, and declared victory.

And THEN the jerk stole my coffee.



We waited until he was much less caffeinated, and Bones helped me ease Spidey into place.

Annnnnnd he fell.  And more legs broke.

At that point, a less stubborn girl would have said, “Ok. This is a lost cause.”  But I’m wicked stubborn.  So I fixed the breaks, added some detail painting, and we tried again.


I ended up needing breaks from this area because some of those spots that needed ‘webbing’ were a little…challenging.  But I have to say, even I’m finding it a little..umm…too full of legs for my comfort.


But..I think Anna Chria would feel right at home.





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