$winterholiday shopping? here are some ideas


I’m a little late this year, but heeeeey!  Need some nifty $WINTERHOLIDAY presents?  Consider the following!  (And please note, as you read over this list, that a great deal of these fabulous people are doing good things with their profits…so purchases here really are a gift that does ongoing goodness.)


    • Daddy Doesn’t Purr (But I Love Him Anyway) by Jason Michael – A charming tale told by a cat about what it’s like to be adopted into a new family.  Proceeds of this story of a special sort of blended family are being donated to two animal charities in Virginia.  This would be a lovely bedtime story book.
    • True Haiku for You:  A Daily Dose of Spiritual Growth by Jason Michael – A book for the adults!  “Begun as therapy writing in 2001 after the death of his father, and inspired by watching Dr. Wayne Dyer’s PBS special, There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem, Jason’s “Haiku Project” has amassed some 4400 haiku to date and there’s no end in sight. True Haiku for You is a collection of 366 haiku primarily on inspirational, motivational and spiritual themes designed to be a daily reminder of our self-worth, of our need to persevere, and of our innate ability to overcome any crisis. Meant to be read one haiku per day True Haiku for You strives to be a reminder that God is all around us, without and within.”  (I also love this book.)
    • Acting Out Yoga books by Danielle Palli – If you’re looking for new ways to get your youngsters moving around and trying new things, you should really consider buying one (or both!) of these two books.  Harvir in the Amazon follows the adventures of young Harvir in the Amazon rainforest; Anna in Paris recounts the journey of a ferret, Fondue, and his wanderings through Paris.  Both books illustrate varied yoga poses, and kids are encouraged to try out these poses as well!  The Acting Out Yoga series is an innovative introduction to yoga for both the storyteller and the story listener!  An additional bonus is that portions of the purchase price are also donated to children’s charities – Harvir proceeds go to a nonprofit organization that provides much-needed school supplies and medical care to young children in the Amazon Jungle, and Anna purchases support the Healthy Start Coalition of Manatee County!


    • Belethil – Home of the best dang elf ear jewelry you’ll find.  Alanya makes absolutely gorgeous stuff and right now, she’s running a half price sale to help out a friend, so you should really go take advantage!  (As of this writing, the store is active, but she’s going to be putting it into vacation mode in early December, so shop while the shopping’s good!)


    • Celtic Art Store – I discovered this artisan at a local Ren faire last year.  I was feeling completey overwhelmed by the crowd and the day, and when Erin invited me into her booth to trace a knotwork pattern with a small instrument, I had ZERO interest in complying.  That said…wow, did it help my brain calm down and focus.  A lot.  It’s like walking a labyrinth for those of us that have no time and no access to a labyrinth.  🙂  These bits of magic are called Mandalynths, and they’re truly great for helping with stress, anxiety, autism, ADHD and PTSD.  (Click on the type of pattern to see which version is recommended for what ails ya.)  You’ll also find a new-but-growing line of glass dome jewelry in this brand spanking new web store!  Catch their sale prices from now until Dec 12th!
    • Alternate Histories – A Pittsburgh-based company that I love madly!  These guys take old images and maps and insert monsters into them, or twist them into reflecting a history where monsters and aliens are a common part of life in America.  You can search their store by US regions, which is something I think is pretty great.  Want proof there’s a creature running rampant in Sacramento?  A lake monster in Cleveland?  Do you suspect robots were involved in the Revolutionary War?  Would you like a map showing exactly where the zombie outbreaks have been in Pittsburgh? Look no further!  You’ll also find some of the most unique holiday cards on the market as well as a series of prints advertising why you should flee America‘s monsters.
    • Jeanine Leclaire – Jeanine is selling varied types of prints and cards from her shop to help raise funds for one of the kindest people I know, Anthony Paino.  I’m going to also say that if you are feeling extra special generous and would like to help Ant out directly, you can click on his name -OR- you can visit http://www.sokindregistry.org/registry/7217 and choose a gift of varied price points to help him out.  It’s a lovely way to send a Random Something to someone that so desperately needs some help.
    • There Are Squirrels in My Head – I’m tossing my own hat into the ring this year. 🙂  I have a Zazzle store!  From holiday cards to blank cards featuring some of my photography, to items for that Special Someone in your life that is made of awesome and win and cookies, my store is small but growing.  And during December, Zazzle runs all kinds of sales, so it’s a great place to do some shopping.  (Thank you!)


    • Shadow Elements – Mary creates some of the best cat beds out there.  She uses organic buckwheat, and you can purchase varied covers to fit your and your kitty’s needs.  Pair it up with a soothing travel dream pillow and case for your own snoozing needs!  (The pillows are not currently listed, but let her know you’re interested and she’ll hook you up!)  Mary also creates lovely stained glass pieces and an assortment of tote bags for your gifting needs! Be sure to check out her gallery at http://www.shadowelements.com/gallery/ to see what kind of custom marvels she can create for you.  (Purchases made from Mary is a gift that helps her keep her house and pay her substantial medical bills from her ongoing fight against breast cancer.)

There is NO way I can list every awesome person I know that creates fantastic things.  😦  But this is a good start!  🙂

Hope the start of your $WINTERHOLIDAY season treats you gently! ❤

Today is #GIVINGTUESDAY! Give AND buy pretty things to help my mom finish kicking cancer’s butt!


This has been an intense few months…not just because of Halloween!  My mother, Iris, had a recent surprise bout (and defeat!!) of  a wicked rare form of cancer this year. She’s had some health stuff pile up as a result of her surgery, and the bills are..impressive. Here’s a pretty way to shop for $WINTERHOLIDAY presents and generate donations for her!

Some of you may have seen Bravelets – bracelets and necklaces in varied styles that bear the slogan “be brave.” Money raised from these sales goes to varied fundraising efforts…and this one is very important to me.

Bracelets purchased on this page will generate donations to my mother to help her with her medical bills …even with Medicare, that stuff is *expensive*.

Today, all purchases on the Bravelets page will generate ***$20*** in donations, not just $10! So if you’re looking for a shiny present as a $WINTERHOLIDAY gift, please consider clicking and shopping here. That would be awesome of you.

THANK YOU!!!! (And yes, please consider boosting the signal!) ‪#‎GIVINGTUESDAY‬