a snippet of home life…and a new venture

Me:  So guess what I just did?

Bones: Hm?

Me:  Well, I was in the bathroom, looking at my phone, and I took off my glasses to see the screen better, and then when I was finished with, um, what I was doing, I couldn’t find my glasses.  Then I realized there was something in my pant leg, and that something was my glasses.

Bones:  ….

Me:  I dropped my glasses down my pants.

(we both laugh)

Bones:  And this is why we will be married for the rest of our lives.

Me:  Why?

Bones:  Because you can just tell me that story without apologizing, without telling me first, ‘Wow, this is really stupid.’  You trust me enough to just tell me this ridiculous thing because you know I won’t judge you.

Me:  True story!

Moral of the story:  When you find the person that responds to proof that you’re a bit of a hot mess with laughter and love? Marry that person.  ASAP.

In Other News….earlier this year, I created a product on Zazzle for a friend’s birthday.  Much to my surprise, other people have found my product listing and purchased ones for themselves.  This has resulted in a whopping whole $4 of accidental profit, so I figured hey, let’s see what happens if I actually try to sell something.

And so…la!  I have an actual Zazzle store! And I spent waaaaay too much time today playing with this, and with a store for my haunt that has some truly ridiculous items in it that I’m not sure will ever actually sell, but..what the heck?  There’s a link at the top of my blog page to the store, and if there’s something there you like, please to be purchasing it.  I make about a buck off each item, and I promise that money will all go into the haunt fund.  So, ya know, Watch That Space, as there will be more stuff coming along as it crosses my squirrel-filled mind.

Speaking of squirrels, I swear I’ll be finishing up the China haunt story soon.  Very soon.  I swear.


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