real time update: chamber of horrors

Guys, our haunt is so beautiful.  So.  Beautiful.

We have our second and last weekend in a few days and our numbers were really low opening weekend.  The weather was not so great.  I am full of hope for this weekend.

I want lots of people to see the gorgeous thing we have created with our crew, and that our wonderful actors has brought to life.  I am overwhelmingly proud of every bit of the show and the work we have done to bring this haunt into being.

…I so don’t want to take it down next month.

We had a TV interview on Monday.  And I say ‘we’ because, even though my trip to China was the main focus, for me it is all about the haunt and about bringing people into our corner of Halloween.

It’s all about doing everything I can to help support Bones’ dream of having a professional haunted attraction.  He is brilliant, and I love working with him more than I have words to describe.

Anyway.  Interview and article is here:


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