the food feature you’ve been waiting for (or, why I stopped eating in China) (or, simply, NOPE)

Our new hotel did indeed offer us food that was much more familiar and palatable for breakfast and dinner.  (For lunch, we were still at the mercy of park food.)

I’ve previously explained that contact with the states was very sporadic.  The glorious new hotel provided us with wifi all over the place, not just in our rooms for a few hours at night, and I started updating my friend Heidi with shots of what I was absolutely refusing to eat.  What follows is snippets of those texted conversations.

food 3

Me:  Fish head in clay pot.  NOPE.
Heidi:  I would try it.
Me:  You are my hero.  But NOPE.

food 4Heidi: Wonder what ancestral means?  Is it a really old pig?

Me:  I know what it means.  It means NOPE.

food 6Heidi:  Are those supposed to be peeps?

Me:  It’s some sort of sweet potato roll, it says.  But it’s filled with a organ-looking goo.  So..NOPE.

food 7Me:  What’s THAT?  We like it, but we don’t recognize it.
Heidi: Dragonfruit!

(side note: This is one of the many ways in which Heidi helped keep me sane during the trip.  I could pretty much ask her ANYTHING and she’d help me figure out the answer.)

food 8Me:  Tonight’s critter sushi was just kinda weird.  Would not recommend although it was very cute.  The bunny was just sweet rice and the duck was…a small bit of fish? on white rice.

Heidi:  Oh, I thought it was a salad!

food 9

food 10

Heidi:  Meat floss?
Me:  Love me some meat floss.

Heidi.  You know I would’ve tried it…

Me:  And I would be right beside you saying NOPE.

Heidi:  And I would try to feed you some.

Me: And I love you so I’d let you but I’d still whine.

Heidi:  And then I’d ask you if you wanted cheese with that whine…

Me:  You’re making me laugh!

food 11



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