taking a pile of stuff and making new stuff

Last spring, I trash-picked a wing-backed chair that had no cushion, with the vague thought of doing something like this:


This wonderful beastie is the creation of Tony DeBartolis and I want pretty much everything he’s made.  When a friend sold us a bunch of bits of cast-off sculpt bits (which gave me the bits to fix So Big), there were also random teeth and jawbone segments in the mix.

After (too much) fussing with how these random pieces might best work together, I decided to give up any chance of this mouth actually making sense.

IMG_6118     IMG_6148

It’s a little hard to make out, but this is one long jaw section along the bottom, supplemented with varied smaller sections of teeth.  The upper jaw is a long piece of foam.  The painted version includes my addition of a top gumline created with caulk.  (Whilst I won’t name the creator of the pieces I used, I did share a photo and he was amused by the application of his cast-off bits.)

I wanted eyes as large as what Tony had used for his beastie, but we settled on ones that were 40MM.  If I ever go back to this project, I will probably redo the eyes…although close up? They’re pretty fun.


The initial plan was to  use foam and maybe clay to create eye sockets.  But then I remembered we had a pile of latex faces from…I can’t remember the vendor! Augh! Halloween has eaten my brain!…but they look like this:

IMG_6151I cut out the eyes and used them as monster eye sockets, tearing holes in the chair’s fabric and painting the mask to match the chair as closely as I could.  I’m not displeased at all with the result.  The cushion part I’m still not entirely happy with, but…again, it can be redone in the future.  For now, it actually sorta matches the room.  Though…I think bigger eyes would make the whole thing look not so snuggly.

IMG_6154   IMG_6158

first fabric attempt…too dark 😦                                                          *SNARF*!


And a final shot of Fluffy at home.  🙂     (I swear, he’s really not as snuggly looking in person….)


    “O hai!”


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