making with the zooooom

And now, a real-time post.

We are feeling the crunch of too much to do/oh my gawd we open WHEN?!?!? big time right now.  I think half of our rooms are almost done.  We started working on lighting last night, making the change-over to LED spotlights as much as we can.  Two of our new effects for 2014 are pretty much completed.  Media advertising is done.  Actor recruitment is gearing up.  I’m really happy with the haunted mansion portion of the program, and Bones’ cemetery is looking so good!  (Hard to get pics or I’d be posting brag shots, I promise.)

Of course, I’m even slacking off on construction pics, mostly because I’ve been running from project to project and generally covered in paint.  Realized earlier than the camera lens on my phone was too covered in gunk to get a clear shot of anything.  Ooooops.  But here’s a few..



Part of the reason I’m running a little too much is that I was offered the chance to go to help set up some haunted houses in…CHINA!!!  When I said, “Oh, HELL yes!” the schedule would have had me back very late September.  Of course, you know what they say about the best laid plans of squirrels and men…So now I’m supposed to leave October 5th and be back October 13th. And we open October 17th.

*cue panic mode*


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