vendor review: When Hinges Creak

As I’ve posted previously, this year we’ve been able to start buying stuff from varied haunt vendors that are new to s, which is very exciting!  The main focus of our purchasing has been for bits and pieces to fix my coffin and to add to Bones’ mad scientist lab.

We had a hard time finding coffin handles, since we needed six matching pieces.  It would have been ideal to buy actual coffin handles, but I could only track them down in pairs.  Bones finally hit gold when Google led him to When Hinges Creak.  This is another small company that you might not have heard of, although they do vend at Hauntcon and TransWorld. Their focus is on making nifty resin doodads to add to your haunt scene for an extra bit of realism, whether that scene is a questionable elevator, a steampunk room, a lab, or….hey, is that a coffin handle?

It is!  Happy day!

I really love the variety of products this company offers in their catalog.  I’m also impressed that you can buy items unfinished, for a slightly lower price point, if you want to go with a colour they don’t offer.  I’m tempted to link to every dang product, but you should just go take a look at all the pretties yourself.

We sorta kinda wanted one of each (and I’m still regretting a little that we didn’t buy those awesome vacuum tubes or some of those gorgeous light switches we have zero need for but wow they’re pretty)  but Bones made the final choices (because really, I just can’t be trusted), and placed the order on a Wednesday.  We had our product at our door by Monday.  Again, with us ordering so late in the season, I’m impressed by the fast response time.

whc 3   whc 1   whc 2



All of these pieces are constructed of a heavy duty plastic.  The detail on the gauges is really great and these pieces are pre-wired for lighting.  The door handles and coffin handles are unpainted; the painted versions of the door handles can be seen here, and the painted coffin handle is here.  Looking at these bad boys, I’m thinking that buying them painted may just be the better way to go, but we’ll see what happens when I start working with them.  I should also say, from left to right, the above items are:

lockable handle; square gauge with face; doomsday panel (top); round gauge with face (bottom); blue gauge; casket handle

We couldn’t be happier with these items!  It’s always tempting to make everything yourself.  Looking for technocrap is…kinda addictive.  But with this product line, When Hinges Creak offers one-stop-awesome-shopping for great realistic scenic accents.  And their prices are very reasonable.  Something I’ve noticed over the years in this industry is that the smaller companies that make fantastic stuff don’t often stick around very long.  We need to support the little guys that are creating great things.  I can’t recommend this company highly enough.

ETA:  I emailed When Hinges Creak to ask for some advice on painting this stuff, and – even though we’re nearly into October – I received a very quick, pretty detailed response.   So I want to add my praise of their customer service as well to this review!





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