vendor review: Necrotic Creations

This year, we’ve had some money in our budget for purchasing stuff from haunted attraction vendors.  It’s a little late in the season, really, but the guys we’ve ordered from have offered excellent customer service, and I’m gonna be reviewing them here (especially since they’re all new to me.)

Bones really wanted to give my beloved coffin a face lift.


My first boss – my ‘haunt dad’ – made this coffin for me in the…early 1990s?…as a gift commissioned by my then-boyfriend and paid for by a group of friends.  The coffin has been a bed (for just one night) (sorry, mom), a coffee table, a pantry, and a display cabinet.  Over the years, the paint has gotten dinged up and one of the handles has broken. I’ve been meaning to fix him up, I’ve even half-heartedly looked for new handles, but…I’m sentimental about the beat up beastie.

So!  Bones had this idea of making my coffin look pretty again.  And we started looking for hardware.  eBay has some vendors offering coffin handles, but only in pairs, and we couldn’t find anyone that had six matching handles.  While poking around the internet, I added a search for ‘skull plaques,’ because we decided we also wanted something nifty for the coffin lid.

I found Necrotic Creations and really liked their variety of casts, including a bat-winged skull, a winged skull with clean gothic lines, and an ornate gryphon-themed skull.   Bones looked around further and found that they had a nice selection of gauges for his mad scientist lab.  We gleefully placed an order.

Everything arrived, carefully packaged, a few days later, exactly as pictured on the website.


The plastic used is pretty thick, meaning that (in my humble opinion) it would be a challenge to cut out pieces if, say, you wanted to buy those nifty light switches and convert them into usable switches for your home.  (I can’t be the only person thinking that would be cool, right?)

bat                 gauge 2 gauge


It would be nifty if the gauge lit up.  The red button thingala comes prewired and ready to be hooked up to a power source.  Everything is very sturdy and looks like it would hold up to outdoor as well as indoor use.  My photos are to show you what the items looked like upon arrival (they looked friggin’ AWESOME!); if you want a more detailed image – and you know you do! – go check out Necrotic Creation’s website.  Their prices are pretty reasonable and their selection ranges from doodads like these, or beautfiul vintage-looking doorknobs, to a small line of props and animations, to a  truly unique harpy light fixture that is now on my WANT IT!!! list.

…As I was writing up this review, I discovered that Necrotic Creations has included a prop that’s a cast of a friend’s face.  Rik Cary, aka “Perfessor Evil,” passed away unexpectedly in 2012 and was well loved in the haunter community.  He was a gentle soul and I really like that sales of this prop are being donated to the SPCA.  I’ve never seen a vendor do something like this before.  Well done, guys.


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