all the little details

Bones is working very hard with his tiny-but-awesome crew of helpers to get the building part of the haunt done.

IMG_6040[1]       IMG_6039[1]     IMG_6096[1]

Bones, Dane, and Josh hard at work

I’ve not been doing much of any construction this season.  I have, however, been painting.  Adding some large soft foam stamps to my bucket o’ tools made the front room go a lot faster than I expected, and will probably be used for the fourth scene as well.  A chunk of my challenge this year has been trying to match bits and pieces of scenery from last year and trying to create transitions between varied art styles.

IMG_6011[1]      IMG_6094[1]

                                                                                  ..Someday, I’ll learn to wear gloves.

I’ve been obsessing about how to create a wainscoting effect for room #3 without spending lots of money on supplies.  It’s a silly thing to be fussing about, and I totally understand that.  But I want what I want.  Dang it. I do however like the transitions.

IMG_6036[1]    IMG_6070[1]

                                …before…                                                                ….after…..but not done

Our work schedule has been to be at the office Monday through Thursday until about 7PM, then run over to the haunt to work for 3 or 4 hours, and to spend as much of our weekends as we can a-haunting as well.  Fortunately, my boss doesn’t mind that I’m also doing all the event listings, media stuff, PR stuff, and actor communication on work time.

..He doesn’t mind because he’s in his office ordering supplies and figuring out how he and his crew are going to get everything done. 😉

I’m not so sure we’re gonna get the kind of media attention I was able to drum up last year.  So we switched our focus from TV to radio, sending out a bunch of tickets for morning show giveaways.  Also, Dane suggested we set up a geocache outside the haunt!  It’s an idea I rather love, and it’s been getting…well, a bit of traffic.  And any positive attention is Of The Good!  If it’s a little bit geeky attention?  All the better.


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