expanding on the fireplace

I previously wrote about making stuff out of stuff. Namely, making a fireplace.  Well,  part of the reason for the fireplace’s location is that, for whatever reason, there’s a pseudo-window-shelf…thing in the wall right there, and Bones rejected my initial idea for how to make use of that space.

skellysThe little note next to the yellow skelly even said, “Hi, Bones!”  But he wasn’t impressed.

We debated what to do with that space for a while.  The final plan was to mount a TV in there.  Bones went to work creating some sort of frame that would hide the box.


This is an in-progress shot.  Bones took assorted stuff, including two matching plastic cherubs I scored at a local thrift store and some ivy stamps I had tossed into the paint bin, and came up with a nifty little Something.  (The following pics do not show the finished product.)

IMG_6085[1]      IMG_6090[1]

Sneaky guy that he is, Bones started playing a DVD of skits performed by my friends over at The Late Dr Lady Show and didn’t tell me.  I thought someone else was in the haunt, so I went investigating, and later bragged – almost truthfully – that David was in my haunt.  Which was very happy making indeed.

The front room still needs a bit of work, but it’s been added to my mental list of Rooms That Are Nearly Done Shush Bones Don’t Tell Me Otherwise.


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