it’s amaaaaazing

As usual, I’m behind in posting.  Some of this – a lot of this – is due to the fact that I’m really not used to working full time + working on a haunt.  Also, there’s a Pretty Cool Something lurking in my maybe-future that has thrown me into a bit of a work panic.

So.  Let’s see..where were we?  Last time y’all checked in, the haunt looked like…

20140830-194928.jpg     20140830-114016.jpg

I’m very very very pleased to say that’s not the case anymore.  (And oh!  *takes note of that box in pic #2) I know where to look for that particular prop! Yay!)

So the two storefronts are now filled with maze, which has inspired a small sigh of relief from us…and which is pretty much impossible to photograph.  The first half of the haunt is mostly painted; the second half is probably further along than it seems.  We’re waiting on a few more supplies to really fill it out.  But here!  This part is pretty.


The first part of this year’s show is mansion-esque, and in an attempt to do something different, I’ve learned how to paint wood grain.  I may be a bit addicted at this point.  It’s a pretty dang cool effect.


A big chunk of this year’s painting is me trying to remember what the heck I did last year and painting stuff to sorta match last year’s stuff. I’m  having varying amounts of success with that, and Bones is getting used to hearing me say, “Well, I don’t hate it,” which indicates I’m as done as I’m gonna get and I’m moving on to the next project.

But dang y’all.  I kinda wanna wood grain every damn scene.

Also?  There are a BUNCH of organs for sale in this area for around $50.  And I’ve found a player piano for $150.  It’s a very very good thing that (a) we don’t live in our Forever Home, (b) I don’t have the money to run around buying organs, (c) I don’t  have a vehicle that can easily carry an organ, and (d) I really don’t have a way of hiding a bunch of organs in our home.  Because I’m pretty sure Bones would notice.  Alas.

(And no, I don’t actually play beyond basic scales and such.  What’s your point??)

(And, um, yes  I already have two.  That doesn’t mean I don’t want more.  Shush with the logic, you.)




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