demolition the second

Our location has three entrances. Deciding on a logical maze flow has been..challenging.

But we were given permission to change anything we want. And each main space has a small room built into it. We debated making those areas into things like pepper’s ghost illusions…which would be fun.

Then we looked at the space again, and we realized that if those rooms had additional doors, they’d be more useful as part of the maze.

And so, Demolition Day #2.



Yay doorway!

Dane then turned his loving attention – and his jigsaw – to the yellow room that until recently contained a ramp.

First issue: metal supports. Dane (correctly) assured us he could handle that.

Second issue: unexpected power conduit.
We turned off all the breakers…and realized that this small room, and the old salon/bathroom, remained lit.


Bones hit the main breakers outside, but the power stayed on. We suspect that the power may be coming from the suite next door, which is both unfortunate and bizarre. So now this project is on hold until we can talk an electrician into taking a look.

(Side note: We don’t have hot water. Bones thought we didn’t have a water heater. But I found it..on top of this troublesome room. Which also seems odd…)

Sooooo..that project’s on hold for now..


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