this paint doesn’t paint!

We were given permission to paint the walls in our shiny new-to-us building. Yay!

After a bit of discussion on how to beat use our supplies and budget, we agreed to try mixing our paint into a no-match grey. Bones did this while I was visiting family, and we started painting after move-in day.

..Well. We tried.

The first batch was…chunky.

The second batch was weirdly oily.

After trying two layers of these paints, we did not have grey walls. We had smudged walls.

We decided to go to Walmart, but some cheap paint there, and try again the following night.

After this third layer of paint, we had this:

“This paint does not paint!!!” poor Bones exploded.

We tried a known quality paint, and that worked, disproving my theory that the yellow paint was maybe just glossy.

New theory: This is just Satan Yellow, and it WILL NOT DIE!

The next day, we returned the paint to Walmart, stating our reason for return as, “This paint won’t paint.” (They didn’t argue.) We then headed to a Habitat for Humanity ReStore, where I lost my damn mind over all the coach lights there..and the player piano, y’all!!…and we found a very respectable grey paint.


New Awesome Volunteer Jenny joined us to help win the paint battle in this room, and then helped us finish up cleaning salvaged lumber from the ramp demo.



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