moving in with…a lot of stuff

Due to a family emergency, I wasn’t in town for Move In Part I. Bones did a fantastic job pulling stuff out of the house and schlepping it over to the haunt. For now, the old salon is costume and prop storage. Coffins and the like are being kept in the adjacent back room.

The big move-in was done with the help of one Chamber of Commerce member, Mike, who’s also been storing the bulk of our sets. (He’s our personal hero. You have no idea.)

Time-wise, the big move happened the last weekend of August. (As is usually the case, my blog posts are happening a bit after the actual event.) Four truckloads of panels and props later, our haunt looked more like a warehouse than a haunt. 😦



The Not Our Stuff pile hasn’t been moved yet. 😦 The previous tenant of our location popped in during our move-in to look around and ask if she could have her signs, should we take them down.

(We didn’t ask about the ramp…)

Our landlord popped in to re-evaluate what has to be moved out and gage us permission to get rid of the big black bookshelf thing.

(I immediately started suggesting chainsaws…)


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