demolition the first

I should probably say..we had this year’s location nailed down a few weeks ago. Things were on hold while we waited for the power to be turned on…and figured out which breakers ran which areas. (I learned that if one of the few breakers marked simply says “NO,” you, um, shouldn’t touch it…unless you want to hear a mighty KABLAM!

So yay, power! And yay, labeled breakers.

We then made an executive decision to start off the 2014 build with a bout of destruction. Death to the random ramp!

(Welcome back, Dane!)

Initially, the boys thought this ramp would be an easy thing to dismantle…


What the boys discovered was that whomever had built this ramp had used pretty much every kind of anchoring tool possible…glue, concrete-set anchors, screws, bolts, gigantic nails, staples…it was impressive. And maddening. Also, it had been set into the wall, leaving not only a cavity in the wall, but also a jagged edge of OSB.

We are starting to wonder if perhaps this store was originally three storefronts (not including the salon in back).

The boys also installed a work sink for us. Yay! Next step: moving day!



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