what haunters do when it’s not haunt season

..Which is, ya know, crazy talk, because every day is Halloween.

That said:  We focused most of our energy on Bones’ non-Halloween job.  Once we were no longer doing crazy hours there, he auditioned for the Kalamazoo Civic Theatre’s production of Annie Get Your Gun, where he scored the part of Charlie Davenport.  I’m wicked proud of him, because it’s been several years since he’s been in a show, and this seems like the perfect place for him to get back into the biz.  The company is made up of people that are not only sweethearts, but also such talented performers.

The show opened earlier this month, and this weekend contains the last three shows.  😦  (review here) I’m blown away at how much theatre is going on and how back-to-back-to-back it all is.  Their director is working on three different productions right now.  I’m not sure how they keep everything straight in their heads!

annie 1







annie 2







annie 3







annie 4








(photos courtesy of Fred Western)

..And if you click on the group pic, you’ll see me waaaay on the right hand side of the pic, hiding behind my hair.  Bones asked if I wanted to join the crew.  My answer was, “OMG YES PLEASE!”  So I ran a follow spot for the show, trying very hard to get it perfect.  I’ve had perfect moments, but that’s about it.  Still.  Fun!!  I’m very grateful to him for giving me the chance to be included.  I’ve not been involved in a stage production since high school, so this has been a pretty grand experience.  I’m hoping to do more crew-ish things with this theatre.  🙂

In Other News, we’ve not nailed down a haunt location yet…but that doesn’t mean we’re not planning this year’s show. I’m pretty excited about it!


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