notes in the mailbox

Having lived for several years in an area where there was no home delivery of mail, I’m still a little too excited by the novelty of being able to go to the mailbox that’s right outside my house and not only get mail but SEND It that way, too!

Here in Portage, we’ve hit the mailman jackpot. Our guy is very careful about making sure packages are safely placed inside our back porch area, and he leaves notes to tell us where he’s placed things.



At some point in mid-October, we found this note in our mail:

..and though I was intrigued by his word use, I failed to remember to put a card out there for him for Halloween. Alas. But! I didn’t forget one for Thanksgiving!

And today, I found this:




…!! How could he possibly know how <emperfect that is?!?

And so in sharing this as something unexpected and beautiful. May your lives hold equally random bits of joy.

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