thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 marked the first time I’ve spent the holiday with Bones without the need for a long bus ride to get to him, and so we had the time and opportunity to share an actual meal together!

We probably should have cooked. Instead, he surprised me with an outing to my favourite local place, Henderson Castle! As always, the owner, Francois, met us at the door to take our coats and gift us with a warm welcome before we were escorted to our table.

I love this place, though I always feel a little like a country mouse there..and I always think Bones looks right at home.

I was tempted to photograph the entire meal, but resisted the urge. Mostly.



..The dessert defeated me. I couldn’t finish the last course.


The day after Thanksgiving was spent with Bones’ extended family. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend this event three times now. Such good people..


And it’s funny..even though it’s a family thing, it reminds me of the after-Thanksgiving dinners I used to have with my mom, then on my own, and then with my ex-husband. Those meals had pretty much just one ‘rule’: bring something consumable. Sometimes they were huge parties. Sometimes they were pretty intimate. After my divorce, I missed hosting such gatherings, and it was unexpectedly difficult to let go of the need for 8 or more place settings. Truth is, I’ve lived too far away from enough people for too long to need much more than 4 place settings. Which makes it easier to pack, but..I look around at Bones’ family functions, and I am both honoured to be included..and a little bit more ready to not be thinking always of The Next Move. Because when that’s in your head, the idea of fine china is not as appealing as one might think.

So. A belated Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. I hope it was filled with things to be grateful for, and love enough to help carry you through the cold and dark of winter.


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