belated wrap-up…and much thanks

About two weeks ago, we finished packing up the haunt and putting it into storage. It’s amazing how fast this..

…became this…


…became this.


We made two trips with our smallish truck to get our walls and assorted large props moved into our storage space. This is always the worst part of running a haunt that has a temporary location. Pretty much the last thing you want to do after a build season and a haunt season is tear the show down and put it into storage. But it sure does inspire you to actively seek out a permanent location.


There was an additional truckload that went to our house, plus several carloads. The whole process took a bit longer than we’d anticipated, though the actual teardown and packing was pretty fast.

So we’ve been permitted to buy our walls (yay!), we’re a go for next year, and we have a few location options.

We also received a rather awesome surprise in the mail:


This is a laminated copy of the article on the haunt that appeared on mLive, and a note from Michigan State representative Margaret O’Brien that reads:

Dear Dustin and Dusti, Congratulations on creating the Chamber of Horrors! You are bringing delight to our community through your haunted house. Thank you for all your work!

I’ve never seen this sort of response to a haunt before…

So I’m updating on a Thanksgiving because I’m so full of gratitude. We had such great support from the Vicksburg Chamber of Commerce and the community in general. Phatman Haunts, Midnight Syndicate, and other haunt friends…their generosity was amazing. Our scenic painter from Grisly held my hand during my ZOMG I CAN’T DO THIS!! moments. Kitty and Dave saved us from maze layout panic. Friends from many of the haunts I’ve worked offered encouragement and support, and I’m so, so grateful.

And, of course, there’s Bones. He was incredible..from vision to build to teardown. And watching him do scares in the haunt was awesome. He’s a fantastic partner.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. May your world contain much to be grateful for.


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