post Halloween…

…we’ve sorta slept, and now we’re just about to start tear-down. Yay?

Final numbers put us at just about 1100 people in 4 days. We had wicked amounts of rain for Halloween weekend, and that slowed down the crowds quite a lot, but those that made it out definitely made our weekend. Bones’ family took a few tours. We had folks that told us they drove for TWO HOURS to get to us. And someone came up to the ticket booth while I was up there to ask, “Where’s the owner?” so he could tell Bones that he’d been photographing Bones’ home haunts for the last few years and had been eager to see what a full haunt looked like. 🙂

We’re already scouting out locations for next year, and trying to figure out what gets stored where. So I’m still probably gonna be a bit behind, post-wise, while we work all that out. We have to have the haunt down and (hopefully) moved by next weekend.

But I should say…at Grisly Gothic Gables, we always had a water curse. Always, always always. From leaky roofs to restaurant sewage to a basement that resembled a water ride more than anything else…lordy, did we have water problems. And I thought we had escaped the curse.

..Until it started raining just before Halloween. Torrential rain. And while there was a little rain in the haunt – mostly coming in under the garage bay doors – the rain decided to pay us a visit at home.

A lot.



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