Happy Halloween!!!

It is pouring…just POURING..outside, and I should be sleeping, but insomnia has grabbed me by the throat of late, and so I’m taking this opportunity to babble into my blog.

The haunt is open for two more nights.  As of right now, we are in the amazing position of being…not quite in the black, perhaps, but we’re even.  We’ve brought in enough to have covered all expenses accrued so far this season.  Now we have to earn enough to pay to return our set and, hopefully, have a nest egg for next year.  Because yes, as of this moment, we’re a go for October 2014!!

A lot can happen in a year, and frankly a lot has to happen over the next year for the Chamber of Horrors to open its doors again.

But!  We’re thinking happy thoughts.  And I can honestly say, I couldn’t ask for a better partner in this – as in all things – than Bones.

We’ve been together for 2-1/2 years.  Today is our first Halloween together…the first of many to come.

Happy Halloween, indeed.


I still have photos to share and posts to catch up on, but I hope y’all are celebrating All Hallow’s Read!  To help you do so…if you move wicked fast..there may still be an active eBook sale over at Barnes and Noble where you can buy varied Ray Bradbury books for $1.99 each!  It’s a one day sale and I’m not sure when the ‘one day’ is set to end..so click here to see if you’re lucky enough to still slide in.  They’re not all spooky, of course, but Something Wicked This Way Comes is one of the selections..woo!

Want a free copy of Stephen King’s latest book, Doctor Sleep?  Go check out this blog entry to enter a contest to win one of three copies!  (It’s wicked easy, I promise.)  (I’m not doing it because it’s a sequel to The Shining, and nooooo thank you! I’d like to sleep again someday.)

And as you dress up to celebrate this most glorious holiday, I leave you with some wise words from four young women about costume choices.

Watch this video. 

..No, really.

And then go be a monster, y’all. 


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