night #2

(This post has been delayed for happy but busy reasons.)

The weather was toying with us all week. We had wicked cold temperatures, we had rain and sleet and a forecast of rainy/snowy doom for the weekend.

Fortunately? The weather gods took pity on us. Saturday was just lovely, although we had spits of rain and damned scary clouds up until ..well, until I stopped looking at the skies and focused on my costume room. I have indeed ended up doing a lot of the make up for our cast,’s not really my bag, baby. I haven’t cared about doing much beyond fairly traditional theatrical greasepaint in years now. We purchased some water-based face paint to use, but not early enough fur me to practice, so I stuck with greasepaint, for the most part, and by Saturday had figured out how to do an assembly line of ‘here, smooth this our over your face and come back to me’/’here let me do your accent lines now go take a look and tell me if you like it’/’close your eyes so I can powder the hell out of your face.’

Bones surprised me by pulling finished actors out of my space and into their spots for the night so he could show them what to do. I was so grateful!

And my goodness, my cast is just awesome. They have been looking out for each other, they pay attention to what’s going on around them, and we quickly had this grand communication going where the ticket folks would get someone’s name, announce it, and the cast would pass the name through the haunt like a loud creepy echo.

I just want to hug our cast.

Our dear friends Chris and Ken Sutton drove 2-1/2 hours to join us last night! It was a very last minute decision, and it was awesome!!

They brought their son, David, who was perfect as a zombie. (They’re experienced home was great to have their experience in the haunt!)

I should say, we have several cast members that have previous haunt experience, as well as one other home haunter, Joe, who worked our drop portraits last night and scared one woman so badly she just dropped to the ground as if she’d been shot, and scared another so much she loudly declared she had just wet herself.


We had 425 visitors. Bones and I stood at one point just staring at the line…

(A lot of haunters won’t tell you real numbers. But I am wicked proud of our head count. We’re doing groups of 4 people at a time, we have a roughly 1500 square foot space, a cast of maybe 8 a night, and we’re doing well.)

A few people have asked if we’ll have video of the haunt. Two of our cast members are working on it, and we’re going to try to shoot some ourselves, although our tech isn’t so techie. The trick is that by this time next week, we’ll be tearing the show down, so our window of opportunity is pretty small.

Back in 2009, Bones posted on the Book of Face that he was hoping to have a professional haunt in 2010. Life took some huge turns, and that pro haunt didn’t happen. He has it now, and it means the world to me that I helped make that happen.

He told me tonight that this was one of the best weekends ever.

He deserves it.






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