opening night!

I’m writing this as we drive back to Vicksburg for our second evening.

We had a pretty great opening! My cast was made of awesome, from helping each other get into make up to looking out for each other over the course of the night. The town continued to show strong support for our show, providing police on site as well as a fire truck with four firemen there all night.

Our fire marshal, Joe Weeks, presented a fire safety demo for us before we opened..


..and our beloved Ariel took advantage of the opportunity to use a fire extinguisher.


All told, we had 335 folks visit us over the course of about 3 hours. Our friends at the local restaurant, Apple Knockers, provided the cast with a light meal after we closed, and then sent over PUMPKIN ICE CREAM!!! ( We love them lots!)

Bones and I are so grateful for every person making this dream possible. And goodness, is he lovely to work with. ❤

A high point of last night: We had someone contact us via Facebook to ask if we were wheelchair accessible. The answer was, "Pretty much! We'll escort you."

They ended up using a walker to get the lady in question through the haunt, and she made it all the way through the maze..and was so happy.

Turns out she was in a car accident six years ago..ON HER WAY TO A HAUNTED HOUSE!!..and hasn’t found one that would/could accommodate her until she found us.

Truth be told, that story right there could be the single best damn reason for us building the Chamber of Horrors.


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