be vewwy quiet..we’re hunting haunt actors!

(..or, another example of why Bones is a saint.)

We started visiting local area high schools to drop off flyers to teachers, with the hop of drumming up more interest from our target audience.

Bones grabbed a pile of flyers and left me in the car, where I sat, head down, playing with my phone. As you do.

I looked up and saw a hearse parked a few cars away from me. I squeaked, flung open my door, leapt like a gazelle out of the car and to the hearse. Whilst petting the hearse, I noticed a marching band helmet sitting on the dashboard.

SCORE!! This is probably a student’s daily ride!!

I scampered back to our car, opened a back door, found some haunt tickets and a flyer, and tried to use our skull-shaped hole punch to indicate these were about to become free passes to the haunt. And then the hole punch got stuck, so I knelt down on the macadam to use it as a firm surface with which to coerce the punch to work.

That all sounds sorta logical. But what Bones saw, as he walked back to our car, was..

hey, a hearse!
hey, there are two doors open on my car
hey, my wife is missing

Of course, as soon as I noticed him, I bounced back up to my feet, waves the tickets at him, and babbled, “OMG HEARSE I WANT TO GIVE HIM TICKETS I CAN’T MAKE THE PUNCH WORK WAAAAAAAAAH HELP ME!!”

He calmly fixed the now-jammed hole punch, took care of the tickets, and handed me a pen so I could write a quick note inviting the owner of this lovely late-80s hearse to come visit us.

…Bones’ patience with me is always pretty amazing.


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