even monsters need a cuddle and some love

Two years ago, Bones built a bunch of scarecrow corpse beasties to display in his front yard, as he recreated his yard haunt from pretty much scratch in the wake of his divorce.

yard haunt 2011 3

I helped, a little, and it made me realize how wicked talented he is.  These are made from latex, paper mache’, trash bags…sticks out of his yard…and they’re gloriously gruesome.  I have nearly 20 years of haunting experience under my belt, and I confess I was pretty dang intimidated after seeing what he could build with a pile of stuff and his own two hands.

..but that’s Bones cutting arms and repositioning them as I moved behind him, applying masking tape to the broken areas and – in some cases – rebuilding bits of limbs with the tape.  (The second photo sorta shows Bones being bathed in mold from the guts of one of his critters.

Good times, y’all.  Good, good times.

Not shown is me doing paint washes over the fixed bits to try to match the colours of the repairs to Bones’ original paint jobs.  Most of them came out pretty good, much to my surprise.  I then carried the redesigned monsters to the coffins I’d repainted a few days previously.  The coffins, of course, are the ones that Austin so generously loaned to us along with our maze walls.  They were either unpainted or had been painted flat black – the first pic sort shows this – so I drybrushed them with varied colours to try to make them look (a) a little more like wood and (b) like something that would show up better in low light.  This means they’re a little overdone for normal lighting.


20130930-225158.jpg      20130930-225253.jpg   20130930-225240.jpg


20131001-003621.jpg 20130930-224620.jpg   20131001-003606.jpg

I wanted to yell, “HECK YEAH!” and jump around because I was finally happy with something I’d done.  Instead, I called Bones over to take a look.  He bounced around, pointing and smiling and saying, “THIS!  THIS IS WHAT I WANTED!”

That right there is all kinds of awesome, y’all.


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