All Hallow’s Read! (because Halloween’s not just about the candy corn) (and bonus contest info!)

…which is a sacrilegious statement, I realize. But stay with me here.

A few years back, the fantabulous Neil Gaiman had a great idea:  We should give each other scary books for Halloween – either the week of, or on the high holiday itself.

If you’ve never heard of All Hallow’s Read before, that’s ok – we have you covered.  There’s a lovely FAQ here.  Not sure what to gift to your loved ones?  Here are some recommendations for folks of all ages.

And, of course, tell folks!  There’s a rather lovely variety of posters you can download and print right over here. Or you can print mini copies of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” to give to your coworkers.   Or maybe give away the ghost story of your choice, including a sticker that explains why you’re being so horrifically generous.  There’s even bookmarks you can print out and distribute as you wish!

Any excuse to get people exposed to new creative ideas is Of The Good.  Feeding brains rather than sugar addictions?  Pretty spiffy, too.  And sometimes the book you need the most to read is the one you wouldn’t have ever picked up on your own.  So go find your most favourite ghost story and share the spooky joy.  🙂

(My pick?  It’s hard to choose.  I’ll limit myself to one fiction – Shattered Glass by Elaine Bergstrom – and one non-fiction – Spindrift, by Jan Bartell, a ghost story that scared the poop out of me as a teenager.)

AND AND AND!!  If you have any sort of artsy inclination?  Go ye and check out this post on the Neverwear blog to find out how you – yes, YOU! – can enter a contest and maybe win some sweet Neil Gaiman swag, or..first prize?  $100!


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