smile for the camera!

In my spare time (HAHAHAHAHA!!), I’ve been poking at the Internet, looking for event calendars, haunted house search engines, and local media that might possibly boost our spooky signal.

This sounds like work – and it is, and it’s included writing an article for the Vicksburg area newspaper – but mostly? It’s me, in a robe, drinking coffee and scanning search engine links.

But in the midst of all this, I sent a news tip to WWMT Newschannel 3, and reporter Alexandra Jokich responded..and, um, wanted to come out NOW and do a story on us!


Being polite, we said, “Wednesday morning at 7:30AM is fine!”

Being not quite ready for guests, we pushed hard to finish up some stuff Tuesday night.

Vicksburg rewarded us with some fabulous atmospheric fog, and Alex (already familiar with our little town) was right on time. We walked her through the maze, decided Bones would be the interviewee, and away we went!

After the ‘official’ interview, he took Alex on a mini tour of bits of the haunt, and then we did some work for her to film. My segment is fairly lame, I’m afraid, but it gave Bones some time to set up some detail painting shots and some electrical work.


Alex commented that she’s seen a lot of haunts and the level of detail we had was some of the best she’s seen. (My OCD walls are totally paying off!) She also encouraged us to remind her via email a few days before we open, and she’ll put another quick segment on the air for us!

The segment was shown Thursday morning, pretty early, but the clip was made available on their website..Yay!

Alex Kovich’s interview with Bones!



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