monster mudding part two, and bonus foam!

We turned our attention last week back to our reaper trio. The joint compound had finally dried, so we could go ahead and add the next layer of material. As before, Bones did the pre-work of cutting out pieces of fabric to be added to the figures. And, as before, you don’t get to see me helping because there’s really no way to take pictures as you do this without a third party to help out.

Usually, Bones uses burlap on both layers of his figures, but this time he decided to experiment with using sheets for the top layer. (Thank you, Ursula, for the sheet donation!)


There were less pieces this time around – just two for each arm, a chest piece draped into a cowl shape and a ‘hood’ piece to cover the back. Usually one would use a staple gun to help hold this layer onto the figure, but we opted for cursing and extra monster mudding instead.
Looking pretty judgmental..
And now they had to dry AGAIN before the next stage, which is to spray paint them black, then drybrush them, then add details.


Meanwhile, Bones showed me something new! He makes a lot of props out of foam, and had procured a sheet of pink insulation foam to be used to create some window frames. We both really like this: Bones used it as a model for his own creation.
After the frames were cut and decorated, he took them outside and showed me how to gently melt the foam with a propane torch to get a rough, weathered, ‘stone’ look. It’s hard to make out, but he’s wetting down the foam with a spray bottle and then carefully heating the foam with the torch.
He let me work on the third window. I am no Jedi, and the process is a little nerve wracking, but…yay! New skillset being formed!
The next step, again, is to paint them a base colour and go from there. These will have windows set inside those arches; the windows are being made by our friend Ariel. (Yay!)



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