we can make it better! stronger! shinier!

A haunt always a list of ‘Wow Wouldn’t It be Nice If?’ projects. Fixing stuff is usually on that list, and this item was definitely on that list.

This was made about ten years ago, by several different people, and was in need of a whole lot of love. (pic by Heidi G.)

Dane bravely took on the project!

He stripped the entire thing down, including pulling out all the wiring, and spraypainted the skulls a bronze colour. These latex skulls have a lot of detail that was lost in a horrible drybrushing accident.


..I mean, wow. That’s just gorgeous. We decided they really didn’t need to be drybrushed after all.

He reattached them to the chandelier taking special care to hide the glued seams.


Dane then took the ‘candlesticks,’ removed the hot glue ‘hot wax drips’ and carefully drew new drips.


Next, he fixed the broken light fixtures with JB Weld, leaving them clamped overnight to ensure a good fix.


Coaxing the wiring back into the fixtures took a bit of work..



But goodness, what a difference!  It’s just gorgeous..



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