We lost some time last week to us both feeling kinda under the weather. And we’re up to a point where it’s getting harder to give out tasks to volunteers because a lot of the tasks involve dealing with walls that need just a bit more work. So I’ve spent the past few days really trying to blow through the last few sections of maze. I’m about up to the last bit of fussy painting, which is going to be a modified version of the technique I used on the boulders. Messy, but I think I have the hang of it now.

Have I mentioned the ow? I can’t remember. While I was working on the grey walls, my arms hurt from the shoulders all the way through my hands. It sucks. Just rollering through the three sections I’ve focused on for the past few days has been a lot better..and I no longer feel old. 🙂

I did beg for a day off from painting, and so we spent Saturday starting some prop construction. Bones had already created the bases for the figures, using chicken wire, styrofoam heads, masks, wood, and hands castes by my dear friend, Dr Lady.



The next step was to mix paint into joint compound to create ‘monster mud.’ I’ve heard about this for years, but have never had an opportunity to use it. Bones makes amazing things with it. Basically you choose a type of fabric you want to put over your figure; you dip it into the monster mud; and you then put the fabric over the figure. Bones usually uses burlap for this part of the process, and had already cut and labeled the pieces we would be needing.


Me: So do people add other things to their monster mud?
Bones: Oh, sure! I’ve heard of folks adding glue, sawdust..
Me: How about glitter?
Bones: Shush.

Bones worked on the first figure while I watched.


..And then we worked side by side on the next two! It’s fun stuff. No pics because it’s also wicked messy stuff, but..


Yay! We let them take a day or so to dry. The next layer will look more like clothing.

Meanwhile, I found this angel a few weeks ago, and really wanted to turn her into a statue.


My plan was to spraypaint her, until a home haunter on Facebook said, “Nah, just dump her into some monster mud!”


I realized after the fact that I should have built a platform for her, because she’s not drying super stiff due to the fabric. So I rigged up a post to drop her over, screwed through her plastic cone skirt form into the wood, and..I think she’s good to go for the next step.

And now? Back to my walls.


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