in other news: HEARSES!

In the interests of full disclosure…one reason we didn’t get a lot done Saturday was that we decided to go to Hell, Michigan for Hellfest!

Hell, Michigan is one if the tiniest towns I’ve ever seen. Bones took me there last year on a surprise detour, and I love it muchly, even though the whole town consists of two stores, a tiny chapel, and a miniature golf course.

Hellfest is primarily a hearse event. I used to own a hearse, Bartok. He was my daily ride for about 5 years, and oh how I loved him. He’s still my dream car, and I can’t actually describe adequately how very much I want another hearse.

So I had penciled Hellfest in our calendar, and was really surprised when Bones said, “Sure, let’s go!” We monster mudded in the morning, ran back to the house to clean up and grab the kidlet, and drove the two hours to Hell.

(I tried hard to be cute. I still had paint and monster mud on my forearms and fingernails, though. sigh)

Bones’ kid was about as geeked out as I was about the hearses, declaring this was the best town EVER! Our friends Dave and Kitty met up with us, we said hi to another friend, Andy, and then..oh, hearses. 69, total.




(This hearse’s owner was encouraging people to autograph the vehicle.)


One thing I love about hearse owners..really doesn’t matter how rough their vehicle looks. They’re gonna show it off.

People had go carts made out of coffins…

..and they had displays of embalming tools and skeletons.





Also? There was coffee.

(And Bones is always the pretty one..)

Everyone but Andy then headed over to Erebus haunted house, which is pretty darn awesome. I’ve known the owners for years, and was terribly impressed to see one of them putting in time working the parking lot.

This haunt features things like a “Buried Alive” room and a MONSTROUSLY huge Tesla coil! I’ve always wanted to see both in a haunt. It was worth the wait.

Also also, Erebus supports the Don’t be a Monster anti-bullying campaign, so we happily paid a bit of money to show our support, too. 🙂


It was a VERY long, varied day, but it couldn’t have been much more Halloweeny perfect. 🙂


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