painting outside my comfort zone

The third area of the haunt is supposed to look like rough stones/boulders. I do a lot better when given a visual, rather than verbal instructions, so Bones found a reference image and some detailed ‘how to’ instructions for what he was envisioning.


The technique required chalking out the desired rock shapes, then brushing 2-3 colours into those shapes and using a wadded up plastic bag to sorta kinda blend the colours together.


…mkay..And then I tried the plastic bag thingala. Which degenerated quickly into me pounding the wall with my test stones because I was so friggin’ frustrated. So Bones (brave man that he is) came over to try to help, and between the two of us, we figured out something that might work.


I was desperately in need of attaboys, and I got that in the form of Bones’ smile. Yay! I was on the right track!


And these ten walls went a LOT faster than the previous 38.




…That would be a door curtain I hadn’t known was going to be added to the scene. On one hand? I love that Bones is working so hard at hiding doors without using swing panels. On the other hand?

Dude, I so want to be done with these sections.

The maze is done, at this point. I hope to have the first half of the haunt painted by Thursday. I’ve not had to put in full days to get this far, but pretty soon I’m going to be in Bones’ way as he moves from maze building to prop construction.

Zoom, baby.


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