we’re moving right along

A big part of my haunt build experience has always been music.  At Grisly Gothic Gables, we pretty much only listened to compilation tapes/CDs created by my haunt dad’s cousin, “Cussin” George.  They were called “PHD Tapes” – the PHD standing for “Post Halloween Depression” – and they were filled with audio clips from movies, bits of skits Allan and George had created together over the years, fake commercials, and music.  Lots of mostly-Halloweeny/sometimes insane music.  Music by Allan’s brother, Angry Johnny..

 (which I share because Allan makes an appearance as a saxophone player)

..and music that’s guaranteed to make sure you never have children..

There is, in fact, only one year I can think of when we had a crew that listened to music other than Cussin’ George’s compilations, and we pretty much ended up huddled in one corner of the haunt unable to understand what the heck had just happened to our world.

Over the years, I’ve worked at a lot of haunts and there’s been a lot of varied haunt cultures. Some like to feature classic Halloween rock (“Monster Mash” and the like); some prefer rockabilly stuff; but eventually?  Most of the people I work with get exposed to a PHD tape, and so they come in some sort of contact with the folks that created the core of who I am as a haunter.

That said, the musical culture Bones and I are creating seems to be a mix of Pandora’s Halloween channels/PHD tapes/Rob Zombie/musicals/CDs by our friends.

fleshrot(..which would be findable here)


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