counting our blessings

So I’ve said that the locals are very supportive of, and enthusiastic about, our tiny haunted house. Proof of that is in the sporadic donations of materials we’ve received this far, which have included four+ bins full of prospective props – nearly everything looks useful! – as well as joint compound, styrofoam, pallets, a huge box of vines, and a bit of paint. One local business owner even loaned his trailer to Bones, which allowed us to buy much-needed wall-building supplies as well as fetch those pallets.

We had a nice write-up appear in September’s South County News that isn’t available via the online edition, but the editor assures us there will be another article published in October that should be more detailed. Yay!

So Bones talks to people nearly every day about the haunt, and I keep scouring the intarwebz for event calendars and search engines to update with our information. I keep thinking I’m not doing enough to warrant how exhausted I am…and then I start to tell people how many hats I’m wearing (scenic painter/costumer/actor manager/make-up artist wrangler/co-owner) and it all starts to make sense.

Someone asked recently how my job search was going. I paused, then laughed. If I were working, we’d be a lot more frantic schedule-wise than we are! I’m reminded of when I worked a crappy retail job mostly so I could have the flexibility to be Halloween Girl all year round. At the time, I was working for a haunt that also had its own horror host TV show, which kept us pretty busy (as you might imagine), but not very well paid (which you may not imagine..but fame is the easy part of the ‘fame and fortune’ descriptor).

And a large part of counting our blessings is, of course, being grateful for each other. Bones called out to me while we were working in opposite corners of the haunt, “Hey!”


“You’re awesome.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because we’re so far ahead of schedule and we haven’t had a single argument!”

In truth, we’ve been together nearly 2-1/2 years and though we’ve had emotional discussions, we have yet to fight. I’ve zero reason to think this project will change that fact. But oh, I’ve had such less wonderful work experiences, and I am so grateful that we do indeed work so well together.

…And that he doesn’t mind I’m going to abandon him tomorrow to spend time with a visiting friend. 🙂


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