one room down! don’t make me think about the rest..

Over the weekend, Bones’ daughter joined in the work. I had two jobs for her to consider – paint three walls black, or, um, hey, there are these stone walls over here..

She did both tasks, and honestly did better work than some men I’ve seen with a roller or a brush. Pretty awesome!

Meanwhile, poor Bones just kept working away at building the maze..



And pretty soon? We had an impressive looking set-up!

(..This photo was taken by me balanced precariously on the top of a ladder, muttering, ‘This is not a step!’ to let Loki and his buddies know I darn well knew I shouldn’t be up there. I, um, didn’t manage to take the shot fast enough for Bones to not catch me bring this foolish. Oops…)

I fully intended to finish painting my stone walls earlier this week, but was thwarted by wicked hot temperatures. So instead of being stubborn – for a change – I let Bones talk me into staying home for the better part of the week.

The day before Friday the 13th…



I painted this while Bones talked to some prospective volunteers. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll be able to start using those lists i lovingly call ‘tasks for volunteers we might get someday please God please!’

Our other goal? Stop working until 3AM. Because dude, our sleep cycles are screwed.

But I have to say, it felt good to have people walk past my 38 panels and praise my work. 🙂 And it’s pretty awesome to be working so hard on something with someone I love, knowing my work is being noticed and appreciated. That means the world…it really does.


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