and we’re painting…and we’re painting…

Because I am, generally speaking, A Nice Person ™, people think I’m a pushover.

Fact is, I’m friggin’ stubborn. And when it came to painting these hallways and (LARGE) room, I really wanted to do it my way. No rollers, no new techniques…just let me get on with it, because regardless of what method we chose, this was going to be a huge damn project.

I asked Bones to look for photo references for what he wanted for the next section, and I may have begged more than I should have to be allowed to do what I wanted. We agreed that I’d get my way here and I’d do whatever he wanted for the rest of the haunt. (…Well, not in those words, but..there ya go, honey! It’s in writing!)

So I didn’t use a roller. I used a yard stick, and a level, and white paint, and realized just how much I’d forgotten about how to paint walls to look like stone. But hey – that’s what haunt lighting is for, yes?

20130908-212950.jpgThis would be me realizing that I’d forgotten all the friggin’ shading I was supposed to do. And that hey, those lines shouldn’t all be white. And I should probably just paint the whole damn thing grey again and start over, but I really don’t have time, and these aren’t our walls anyway, so…just keep plugging away at it.


…Well. At least they look better than those damn queue line boxes did…

Bones, meanwhile, was plugging away at building walls and drop panels.

20130908-213021.jpgWe’re trying to conserve supplies and use what’s on hand, so this would be him wrestling with a piece of drywall. He won, and it became a very serviceable doorway, but I would suggest you not try that at home, kids.

For a good chunk of the week, Bones dropped me at the haunt during the day so I could paint while he was at work. I whipped through the front room, painting the walls grey and then going back to add mortar lines and shading.




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