cool stuff you should buy: Pyratical Cat!

For those of you who may not know, this is Lurk, my cranky old man kitty.

Recently,, we received a surprise present from The Pyratical Cat which contained, among other things, a bag of ZOMG potent catnip, several catnip mice that the younger beasties of the househould promptly drooled all over, and…these.

They’re all about the size of a placemat, and at first I thought that’s exactly what they were. That, or perhaps throw cushion covers.

The truth was rather much more awesome..they’re kitty blankets!

This little beauty in particular was made of awesome and win and too many cookies to count. Bones! How perfect! AND it glows in the dark! Honestly, it wouldn’t have had to do anything else in order for me to love it. BUT…

This is me trying to illustrate that there’s an opening on either side of this particular blanket. One side has a larger hole than the other, so that you can…

…SLIDE A HEATING PAD INTO IT!!! Lurk, you see, has been showing signs of arthritis for a while now, and Jen (the owner of The Pyratical Cat) had suggested at the end of last winter that I try making a heating pad available for him after I kept finding him pressed up against heating vents in the house. So this prototype blanket is Jen’s attempt to make Lurk more comfy – in a nice safe Halloweeny way – when the weather starts to get colder again!

These next two shots are just to give you an idea of what the other blankets look like. They don’t have that special sleeve feature – that’s reserved just for Lurk’s special blanket! – but wow, I love these fabric patterns..!

If you swing on over to The Pyratical Cat on Facebook, you’ll see that there’s a wide variety of fabrics to choose from – piratey to feline to magical to just plain ol’ pretty! And I can’t tell you strongly enough how dang good the quality of catnip she’s using in her toys. Jen’s always looking for new ways to amuse the felines – one of her products, called ROUS – is designed especially for those kitties that destroy regular cat toys. She also has (I may be getting this name wrong) a toy called a ‘kitty kickboxer’ that really appeals to the cat focused on hunting/kicking reflexes, and she makes collars and leashes as well.

Also also, you should be VERY aware that everything sold by Jen has been designed AND TESTED by her before it’s offered for sale. This means you know these products are as safe as she can possibly make them!

The gothier versions of these products may be found at Macabre Merchantile (or, if you do not inhabit the Book of Face, will get you there, too).

The Pyratical Cat is coming soon to Artfire at, but be aware the store’s internet presence is still being tweaked. Liking the FB page is your best bet to not miss out on the awesome!!

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