(This one’s late – too many distractions today! – and it’s a little unusual. Humour me?)

I sat in a stranger’s living room last year – literally on the staircase, watching through the bannister rails – listening to Heather sing the above song, and it’s possible I may have teared up a little. Or a lot.

Every morning
Choose to love something about him
Every day
Remember who I choose to be
Every evening
Choose to say the things that haven’t yet been said
Then go to bed
And choose to love the man I’m with  — Heather Dale, “Choose”

Love is easy. We love STUFF all the time. We love our critters and our friends and then there are these others, the ones we love enough to want to walk with through time. That’s love, and that’s a choice, and we start choosing right then.

We choose to see our lovers as brilliant and strong, able to be all things and do all things. They are amazing because our love paints them as such, and because they are human..which is a pretty amazing thing, when you think about it.

Amazing, and flawed. Because we’re all human.

So what do you choose?

Do you hedge your bets? ‘I want you in my life for all time, but juuust in case…(fill in the blank.)’

Do you choose to see the whole of that person? ‘You’re nearly perfect…if you would just do (fill in the blank)..’

Do you respect your partner as well as your relationship?

If your answer is anything but ‘yes,’ you’re flirting with disaster. And drama.

And it expands beyond that to how we handle ourselves every day. Every single day, we choose to act out a vision of our Selves. I’ve been feeling a little off at work lately. There are some days where…man, I just feel cranky and out of sorts and I just want to put on a pair of headphones and ignore the people around me and..

Wow. Who’d want to work with that jerk?

I’m not saying there’s not things to be grumpy about. But..personally? I don’t want to be a version of me that’s miserable to be around. And I’m sure not saying, ‘Hey, Grumblebutt! Put on a big ol’ fake smile and be HAPPY, dang it!” Because..here’s a secret: If you’re putting on an act? People are going to notice that you’re being phoney. *cue drama alert*

What I’m saying is this:
Every single day, you are given the opportunity to decide how to navigate your day.

Every day, you get to make a choice about what kind of daughter/son/mother/father/friend/coworker/sweetheart/artist you want to be.

Every day, you get to decide what version of YOU the world gets today.

That’s pretty powerful stuff.

Go ye and be awesome. 😀


“Drama Free Thursday” is the brainchild of Popfiend – visit here for all of his yeah-you-should-read-’em posts.

The goal of DRAMA FREE THURSDAY is pretty simple: These are posts that offer a different approach to stressful situations. Drama happens when we react without thinking, when we respond emotionally to a situation.

So! The first rule of DFT is – say it with me – “Your Mileage May Vary.” What works for me may not work for you. And that’s ok.

Second rule of DFT: YMMV. 🙂

Third rule of DFT: Discussion good. Drama? Not so good. Let’s try to avoid it in the comments. Tell me you don’t agree, tell me what the world looks like from your perspective, because I can guarantee you’re gonna have something to say that I hadn’t considered. This blogger’s soapbox is only an inch or so high…so please, share your thoughts and perspectives on whatever is posted here. (That rule goes for my blog in general, of course, but it makes sense to repeat it here.)


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