Directions and decisions

Despite the evidence of this blog, I am, in fact, a fairly regular blogger, and have been for well over ten years now over on LiveJournal, one of the grandaddy blogger sites out there.  The tricky thing is that my established blog is one I keep largely for myself, with a select audience for a fair number of the writings, and so I decided to start this WordPress site to give myself a more public voice.

It’s something I’ve seen a lot of my fellow LJers attempt, though not as much with WordPress as it’s been with whatever flavour of the month is most popular at any given time.  MySpace, Friendster, Twitter, Facebook, Fetlife, Google +, Tumblr…people cycle through them, looking for whatever voice works best. 

I’m rather ashamed – and startled – to see exactly how badly I’ve done at updating this blog.  So I suppose one of my New Year’s resolutions will be to do better with my public voice. And I absolutely blame/credit this video for getting my brain moving in this direction:



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