how to ensure you never have to share your virtual world

Bones:  Whatcha doing?

Me:  Finding ways to kill my avatar in Second Life.

Bones:  It’s kinda hard to make out what’s happening there.

Me:  I’m being impaled by an ‘unlucky chair.’  Some stores in SL have them.  When the chair shows the first letter of your name, you sit in the chair to get a prize.  ‘Unlucky chairs’ kill you before you get the prize.

Bones:  Oh.


Ok, so I’m not really just trying find ways to kill myself.  I’m doing a treasure hunt and this gothy store just happens to have several of these poses..

Here, this is a better shot of a chair chopping my head off.

(It was about at this point that I realized Bones had stopped responding, and that I had effectively dissuaded him from ever joining me in Second Life.  Which is sad-making.  On the other hand, it means we’ve just been saved from the awkward experience of shopping for virtual genitalia and experimenting with naughty pose balls.)


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