it’s a snuggie Christmas, apparently

So my friend Hugh bought me a pirate Snuggie, and I’ve been a little (read: a LOT) reluctant to wear the thing. Even when G sent me this video  to try to persuade me it was a damned fine garment.

I like robes, dammit. The whole open-in-the-back thing just does nothing for me. *grumble*

So Bones’ staff bought him a Jack Skellington Snuggie for $WINTERHOLIDAY…

Bones: My prezzy is very snuggly.

Me: The vampire duck?

Bones: The Jack snuggy.

Me: Ah!


Fine, rain. Fine. I’ll just have my own party inside with my beer and my jack snuggie and watch Buffy.
For Lo! I am a party animal!!

Me: Wow. It’s like Jack Skellington Panda.

Bones: Hah!   We would be the hottest couple.


Hot, right?

Bones: *schwing*

Me: I love you. And I’m totally bringing my pirate snuggie to your parents’ house.

Bones: I’ll bring snuggiejack.

Me: We will have an amazing New Year’s photo.


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