something to remind me

My sweetheart, Bones, has at several times during the course of our still fairly-new relationship asked me what I want. What are my dreams? What are my goals?

The truth is that I stopped having dreams to work towards because I was so focused on surviving. My goals were: Is my cat safe and fed? Do I have somewhere for us to live?

That’s been the focus.

So I just received a holiday present for a friend, and the vendor included a free pendant that I’d also thought of gifting to someone, but I’ve realized it’s something that’s rather timely and I’m just gonna wear it for a while. It’s a glass-ish tube with metal caps at either end, and a piece of paper inside that reads, “To make your wish come true, you first must have one.”

That reminder is timely.

We are just about at the moment of winter solstice as I write this. It’s a time of year when I traditionally am struggling the most. This year is a gleeful exception.

We are moving towards the light.

Make a wish.


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